TWG Official Ruleset (2008)

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TWG Official Ruleset (2008)

Post  u84 on Wed Oct 01, 2008 11:19 pm

TWG Offical Ruleset (2008)
1a. Players are not allowed to edit/delete their posts for ANY reason. Moderators are not allowed to edit/delete anyone's posts, without host consent. Moderators are allowed to delete posts by users not in the current TWG who post in the thread.

1b. If the host asks a moderator to delete certain post(s), then it can be permitted. Absolutely NO player can delete/edit their posts while participating a j/TWG game AT ALL

2.One death post may be allowed by the person killed during the Night phase. This post must be brief, and contain no information about the game. A player who is lynched, during the Day, may not post again after they are killed. If a person is insta'd during the Day phase, that person cannot post after he or she has been insta'd. The penatly for breaking this rule is as follows:
1st offence: Warning
2nd offence: Game ban
3rd offence: 2 game ban
4th offence: 3 game ban
etc etc..

3a. Players are not allowed to reveal their PMs or conversations with the host to anyone else. This includes (and is not limited) to: forwarding the PM to any other player, showing a screenshot of the PM, or copypasta'ing the PM info into the thread or to another player. Players are not allowed to reveal conversations - with the Host - relating to the game to any other player. Players may not post screenshots of conversations they have with other players that are not involved in the current j/TWG.

3b. Players are allowed to share pms sent from one player to another player.

3c. Players are allowed to fake AIM conversations.

4a. An Insta-Lynch is considered MORE than 50% of all votes on any given day. Phantom votes are considered a minimal fraction of a vote for all intensive purposes (ex. .001 of a vote). If there are 7 players and no phantoms, 4 is needed for an Insta. If there are 8 players and no phantoms, 5 is needed. If there are 7 players + 1 phantom (7.001), 4 REAL votes are needed (3 real + phantom = 3.001, which is not greater than 50%). If there are 8 players + 1 phantom (8.001), 4 REAL votes are needed (4.001 is greater than 50% of 8.001).

4b. Rule for multiple phantoms: any phantom above the 1st shall be treated as a full vote. 1 phantom = .001 votes, 2 phantoms = 1.001 votes, etc.

For a more in depth description of Phantoms, Visit this thread
Rzr's Phantom Thread

4c. After a player(s) accumulates a certain amount of phantoms, commonly 3 phantoms, the Host will get a replacement for that person(s). The replacement will carry all phantoms accumulated by the offending player.

4d. In the event of a tie vote, a Knife in Box (KiB)[KitB] situation occurs. A KiB situation is defined by one of the two tied players randomly getting wolfed or lynched, as determined by or other means. All rules of 4 still solely apply for persons with multiple phantoms.

5a. Cheating of any kind (through abuse of the rules stated here, or anything that is determined cheating by a majority of the players will result in that players immediate death, or replacement as determined by the host, If the host chooses to kill the player without finding a replacement, then it does not count as that days lynch. the player will be subject to a banning of length to be determined by TWC.

5b. Two IRL friends CANNOT play in the same game. Parties cannot have a Player-to-Player relationship, nor can they have a Host-to-Player relationship. There is a possibility of account sharing, whether allowed or not, and possibility of exchanging information outside of AIM/thread. "TasselFoot (7:59:32 PM): 2 IRL friends can't play in the same twg." If you have a problem with this rule, ask Tass yourself.

"chardish" (9:59:25 PM): two IRL friends can play in the same game as long as they don't physically see or talk to each other during the game
"chardish" (9:59:34 PM): e.g. if they live in different states or something

6. The dead are prohibited from talking to living players about the game. Information may not flow into the game from the grave. If someone is found giving information to a living player, they are subject to a game or more ban.

7a. Imitating another player (dead or alive) through a fake AIM/FFR nickname is cheating and is subject to the cheating penalties. (This does not apply to faked AIM conversations).

7b. Contacting anyone anonymously about TWG is strictly prohibited. All TWG communication must be either on your AIM name or FFR account name. No creating second accounts or anonymous accounts for the game.

7c. If the account that you signed up for the game gets banned, it is up to the Host or Moderator to decide if they are allowed to post on an alternate username. There are still means of communication to a player (i.e. AIM) even if that player is banned temporarily. If the player is somehow banned permanently, a substitution will occur.

8. No player, under ANY circumstances, is allowed a free passage into a future TWG. Not if they are killed night 1, not if they are the MVP of the previous game, not if they hosted the previous game. You must sign up in the Game Signups as everyone else. Hosts are allowed to set specific times when the players are able to sign up.

9a. No player may vote over AIM. Ex: IMing the host saying who you vote for. There is no explainable reason for this. If someone can access the internet, they can access the forums. IMing the host and asking them to post a message on your behalf is at the host's discretion. No votes/guardings/seerings/etc. are not official and will not be counted unless sent through a PM.

9b. If the player is banned AND ONLY IF THE PLAYER IS BANNED: As mentioned in 7c., it is up to the host to decide whether a contact vote over AIM is applicable or if the Host requires the user to send in the PM on an alternate account. The banned user MUST tell the Host which account he is using to send the PM.

10a. All new players to TWG are required to play in at least 1 jTWG first. Note: 99% of new players will be required to play at least 1 jTWG before being allowed in TWG.
Players will get moved up through host and/or TWC recommendation.

10b. If a player believes they are well-equipped to play right into a TWG, they must submit written evidence supporting their claim and why they should be allowed to play.

10c. A host’s recommendation may be overturned by the TWC or Moderator as they see fit.

11a. No player is allowed to play in a jTWG and a TWG at the same time. There are no exceptions to this rule.

11b. If you are dead in the current game you have been playing in and wish to sign up for another, You must contact the host of your current game asking permission. The reason for this is that there may be the possibility of revival in your game. In which if you are revived and playing in another game you violate rule 11a.

11c. The Host reserves the right to admit or kick any player he sees fit before the game begins. If the player is unequipped to play during the game, it is the hosts descretion whether or not the player will be removed. A subtition will take place.

12. TWC, (Makilaz, BDN, DarkManticoreX2, Pntballa18, Travman301, ThunderStriker687, and Roundbox) have final say on all matters TWG. Any TWG related issue should be brought to one of the council members and will be discussed accordingly.

13a. If a player wishes to be removed from the current game contact the Host, via AIM, PM, or thread. Give clear explanations on why you wish to be removed. If it's something ridiculous such as, "Oh I don't like my role." then it's your own fault for signing up in the first place. Legitimate explanations will be excused, but idiotic reasons will not be tolerated.

13b. Consider the amount of time needed to play j/TWG. It might last from a few days to a couple of weeks, so be prepared to sacrifice your time to the game. Do not become inactive during the game because of personal reasons.

Default Wolf Victory Part I: The default wolf team victory condition is when the wolf population equals the human population at the end of a day interval after someone is voted off

However, there are extenuating circumstances that nullify this rule. For example, if there are roles (i.e. SK, vigi) who can alter the number of wolves during the night or protect the humans (guardian), then the wolves must outnumber the humans during the day to achieve victory.
(If the wolf population exceeds the human population at any time then the game can be stopped because it is academic).


End of Day X: Person P is voted off, leaving N wolves and N humans. Wolves win.
Middle of Night X: Person P is wolfed, leaving N wolves and N humans. Play goes on.
Middle of Day X: Person P is vigilante'd or otherwise eliminated, leaving N wolves and N humans. Play goes on.
(Special example - Middle of Day X: Person P is vigi'd or otherwise eliminated, leaving N wolves and N-1 humans. Wolves win.)
(Special example #2 - Middle of Night X: Person P is vigi'd or otherwise eliminated, and a human is wolved, leaving N-1 wolves and N-1 humans. Play continues, as the humans can force several KITB situations to win the game)

Differencing between jTWG and TWG:
We are officially re-instating the TWG/jTWG system. It is the host’s responsibility to evaluate a player’s ability to participate effectively in a TWG. This was previously mentioned in part 11c. It is the Host's right to include or exclude a player from their game, given an adequate reason as to -why- the decision was made. Consult the TWC or a Moderator's approval on your decision (do not let it be baseless!). If you are unable to play in the TWG, wait to play in the jTWG. No player is denied the right to play in a jTWG unless otherwise specified.


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